Diane Levin and Jean Kilbourne in their book, So Sexy So Soon, state:

"The sexualization of childhood is a public health problem that goes far beyond the home. It affects all of us. And it is increasingly a worldwide phenomenon."

So Sexy So Soon and the other resources listed here offer practical proven solutions for parents to effectively communicate with their children regarding this important social issue.

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Quart, Alissa; Branded

Levine, Madeline; The Price of Privilage

Bennett, William; De-Valuing of America

Schwartz, Jeffrey; A Return to Innocence

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The Beauty Solution

An additional solution is to start a cultural revolution right at home. Begin to build a culture of real beauty to replace the culture of a commercially induced artificial beauty of physical perfection.

Remind your children that they are a uniquely beautiful individual. To discover and develop that special person within is what's important. Your child's uniqueness given as a gift is the goal and not imitating a rock star or the latest troubled teen actress. The teenage years are the time to build step by step what will one day be the young adult.

Enjoy the beauty of nature with your child. Listen to, observe and discuss the beautiful music and classical art that has inspired millions for centuries. Compare the genius of a Mozart and the complexity and sophistication of classical music and art with today's popular offerings of mediocrity and vulgarity.

Much of the current popular culture that is sold to our children is in reality a toxic mix of music, film, television, video games, alcohol, drugs and fashion that can lead our children down a dangerous path. It is a culture of destruction and death marketed as being "cool".

The untimely death of a teenager due to a drug overdose is the most obvious and horrendous form of this destruction. However, there are many subtler ways to destroy a child.

The damaging effects of today's popular culture can wound a child deeply at emotional and psychological levels.

The inner nature of the young child is loving, curious, and at peace with herself. Our children have the right to have a childhood that is safe and protected from the issues and responsibilities of the teenage and adulthood years. If your six year old daughter is suddenly confronted with the issues of a twelve year old, she is losing the years that are needed to express herself freely as a child and grow naturally into the teenage years. There is very important emotional and pyschological growth that is meant to occur during these preteen years.

Popular culture today is loud, violent, vulgar, disrespecting and damaging to the nature of the developing child. Our children are being assaulted and you can see their reaction by shutting down or acting out in response to this culture. Our children are looking to us as parents to set healthy boundries and to protect them so that they can have the years they need to develop.

Setting healthy boundries means saying no to buying Monster High dolls for your daughter. Explain how you are being manipulated by marketers and businesses that are only concerned with making more money. It's all about the money. Just because you are told that you've got to have one of these, because they are cool, doesn't mean it is true.


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